I’m The Person That Helps The Mom

Because I know you are super busy right now. It’s a lot. You just want someone else to take over so you can relax & enjoy this moment. I’m that person, mama.

Instead of being the one trying to direct all the chaos, let me partner with you. I’ll be by your side, as your doula or photographer.

Hey Mama, I’m Tori. I See You Making Lists, Running Around, And Getting Things For Your Family.


Busy is the understatement of the century, am I right? I know your to-do list is a mile long. I know this because I’ve been there - as a mom myself. The last thing you need is more on your plate.

I also know picking a doula, or a photographer can be overwhelming.

I Support Moms When “I Have Plenty Of Time” Has Now Turned Into “How Did 9 Months Go By So Fast?”

Do you want to relax and enjoy this moment with your family and baby(ies)? 

Let Me Ask You Something...

I am here to serve you & your family well.

This is where I come in, as your doula and as your photographer.

Do you want those extra helping hands? To guide? To soothe? To support?

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Whether it be doula support, antenatal classes or photography services. I am here to serve you & your family - with however much, or little, you need.

Non-Biased, Non-Judgment Emotional, Physical And Educational Support On Your Family’s Terms

With me by your side, 

you’ll never have to worry about missing or forgetting a moment.

Why Choose Me As Your Doula Or Birth & Family Photographer?

I have more than 15 years of experience with moms and babies, both in photography and in the healthcare industry. 

My clients rave that I go above and beyond to not only capture beautiful images, but also I serve them well by being that dedicated support person in the hospital and at home. 

Serving and loving moms well means I will take care of all the details. As your doula, I will offer tips and support as needed. I will create a calm & peaceful environment for you and your family.

And as a photographer, I will also deliver beautiful images that you can treasure forever.

Support & Photography services when you need it without the stress.

It is an honor to serve moms and families, and I would be honored to serve yours. Let’s talk more about how we can work together.

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I have your back, Mama.

More About Me...

Being a doula and photographer is at the heart of what I do, every day. But here is what makes, me:

I am a wife to an amazing husband. Seriously, I won the husband lottery! He is the best-est! I am also a mom to 3 (not so little) littles.

Emma is 19 and is my beautiful artistic & tenacious daughter. 

Ephraim is 14 and is a savant of all things tech.

Noah is 13, and his whole world revolves around hockey and Skywars (if you know what that is we are kindred spirits. So, that makes me a hockey mom too!


I love being a mom and capturing all of our adventures!

As for myself, I am a collector of Starbucks cups, I dabble in painting, and I am an avid learner. I mean, seriously, I love learning. You will always find me studying something new or taking a class (I secretly love physics).

I am also an active volunteer at my church, an Army veteran and a former healthcare professional. 

Above all else, I am a lover of Jesus.


Things That I Love:

My Family


Vanilla Lattes

I know choosing a doula or photographer can be a lot of work, and there are a lot of choices out there!

I am honored and humbled to be considered as one of your choices, and I am confident that if you choose me, you will be calm, satisfied and happy with my services.

I want you to know that when you choose me, you are choosing to be loved and served well. I will go above and beyond for you and your family.

Send a message, and let’s talk about capturing your moment and nurturing your journey.

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