Imagine Having A Supported & Empowered Birth Experience...

An experience that is non-judgmental where you are free to birth the way you want to. Imagine you feel completely supported emotionally & physically, no matter what your birth plan is. Imagine being confident that you are fully educated with all the tools in your back pocket for when you need them.


Here, you can learn more about my LABOR DOULA SERVICES.

Labor Doula Package

here's How I support laboring moms:

What You Can Expect From Me As Your Labor Doula

I am here to provide you with non-judgmental, emotional, physical and educational support, no matter what your birth plan is. I will help create a space that allows you to have an empowered & peaceful birth that you will look back on and remember how strong and amazing you are.

Be heard & supported through birth

Harness the tools to help you have a more peaceful & natural birth

Support for your partner & help them become confident in supporting you

Create a birth plan that gives you positivity, joy and empowerment

Here's What's Included In Your Labor Doula Package:

Labor Doula Package

100% support via phone/text/email 24/7, throughout your pregnancy

On-call for your birth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 37 weeks until your baby arrives

Continuous in-person support during active labor through birth and 1-2 hours postpartum

Customized Birth Preferences Plan

Breastfeeding support

2 hour postpartum support during your first week home

your investment: $1350


gift certificates & payment plans available

meet the moms

The mom who...

...dreams of a fully natural birth

Meet The Moms I Support

The mom who...

...had a previous traumatic birth experience and wants to overcome that experience

The mom who... hoping for a VBAC

The mom who... high risk but still wants to have an empowered birth experience

The mom who... longing for a peaceful home birth

- Hannah S.

"Having Tori as part of your “village” means you have someone in your corner empowering YOU and reminding you of your purpose."

How My Birth Doula Services Work

step 1: schedule a free call

Book your free call

Let’s have a phone or video call - so you can confirm if I am the best fit for your family.

step 2: We'll confirm dates

I will send you a contract, and invoice. Once the retainer is paid, your dates are locked in. 

step 3: Your first home visit

Let’s get to work. I can’t wait to support your journey!



Here are the reasons moms come to me.

Birth can feel scary. People tell you stories. You watch things on TV. Or perhaps you've had a previous traumatic experience. Whatever your circumstances, you're totally normal if you feel anxious.

However, with a birth doula, you don't have to be alone in your fears. I will support you, calm you and empower you to have a positive birthing experience.

I will reduce your anxiety

This first hour(s) after birth is critical for a newborn baby who spent the past nine months in a controlled environment. The immediate skin to skin contact during Golden hour helps your baby regulate their temperature and breathing. Uninterrupted Golden hour also promotes a strong bond between you and your baby.

I will protect your golden hour

I will help your partner feel confident in supporting you. Your partner will be empowered with tools and comfort techniques.

I will also support your
birth partner

Am I  the birth doula for you?
Book a call with me

Let's chat, and you can learn more about how I can support you.

Are you a mom or mom-to-be in Hamilton County?

Need Another Reason To Hire A doula?

Studies show that mothers who have continuous labor support were:

More likely to give birth spontaneously

Less likely to give birth via caesarean, vacuum or forceps

Less likely to use pain medications

More likely to be satisfied with their overall birth experience


Had slightly shorter labors

Less likely to have poor vital signs 5 minutes after birth

More likely to breastfeed

Am I  the doula for you?

Looking for a postpartum doula too?

I am here to support your journey before during and after birth. The 4th trimester is hard - let me help.

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Your Labor Doula Service FAQs

I've just found out I'm pregnant! Is it too early to book? 

Not at all. I can only book a limited number of labor clients, the sooner you book the more likely I will have your date available.

When I go into labor, when do I call you? 

Call me as soon as you think you are in labor and we will decide together if you are ready for me to come and support you.

I want a doula at my birth, and a photographer to take photos. Can you do both?

Absolutely, I would be honored to document and support your birth.

Will you replace my husband or partner? 

UMM….NO PARTNERS ARE AMAZING AND IRREPLACEABLE!! I am there to serve both you and your partner so you both can have an overall positive birth experience. 

Where are you based? How far can you travel?

I support laboring moms in Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, Fishers and the surrounding areas. If you're a little further out, get in touch - and I'll see if I can help you.

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