Congratulations, You had a Baby!
And Then You Are Sent Home With A High-Five
Then You Realize.... I was given more instructions when i adopted a dog!


Here, you can learn more about my postpartum SERVICES.

imagine you're home with your new baby, not just surviving, but Thriving! This could be you.

Postpartum Package

here's How I support postpartum moms:

What you can expect when I support you through the 4th trimester

A postpartum care gives support to mom and the family during what is known as the 4th trimester. During this time of recovery and transition, the postpartum doula can come along side of the family and help ease them into a new normal.

The whole family will feel cared for

Gain emotional and physical support while healing

Feel less burden with household chores

Be confident and supported with breast feeding

Here's What's Included In Your postpartum Package:

Postpartum Package

In-Home Baby care

your investment: $40 / hr (for day support)

10hr packages available starting at $300

gift certificates & payment plans available

All support packages are customized SPECIFICALLY to each family's needs. That could include:

Emotional support for Mom & family

Laundry & Light cleaning

Lactation/Infant feeding support

Help with establishing routines and systems

Running Errands

**Please Note: Postpartum availability is for current and past clients only.**

meet the moms

The mom who...

...wants to thrive during her postpartum

Meet The Moms I Support

The mom who...

...always "does it all" but wants to enjoy this time with her newborn

The mom who's...

...birth didn't go as planned

The mom who's...

...partner had to go back to work too soon

The mom who... just feeling overwhelmed and needs a listening ear and an extra pair of hands

"I didn't think i needed help, but boy
was I wrong. I called Tori and she came and held my baby so I could take a shower and then we made a plan so I could feel whole again. I wouldn't have made it through those weeks without her"

- Katie L.

How My Postpartum Doula Services Work

step 1: schedule a free call

Book your free call

Let’s have a phone or video call - so you can confirm if I am the best fit for your family.

step 2: We'll create a plan

We will create a customized support plan that will fit you and your family best.

step 3: REINFORCEMENTS have arrived!

I come and support you & your family.



Here are the reasons moms come to me.

Postpartum is hard and sometimes you feel lost. I will help you be seen and heard. I will make sure your needs are met. You will have a place to process your birth
experience. We will work together to address your concerns and make a plan to help make the postpartum period go smoother. And when you are all touched out, I will hold your sweet little one while you take a shower and recharge.

You will be seen and heard

You will have breastfeeding support at your finger tips. I will help make sure you have a proper latch and trouble shoot any issues. I will Help you sent up your pumping supples and help you create a storage system for your milk.

Breastfeeding support

I will give you support and recommendations based on evidence and facts. I will do all the research so you don't have to.

Evidence-based information

Am I  the postpartum doula for you?
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Let's chat, and you can learn more about how I can support you.

Are you a mom or mom-to-be in Hamilton County?

Need Another Reason To Hire A doula?

Studies show that...

Moms who have postpartum support have 57.5% lower odds of postpartum depression/postpartum anxiety (PPD/PPA)

Moms who have labor and postpartum support have a 64.7% reduction in odds of PPA/PPD


get postpartum support

Babies grow up so fast. Never forget how tiny
they were.

book a newborn session and capture all those special moments.

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Am I  the newborn photographer for you?

Your postpartum Doula Service FAQs

When should I book support?

You can book support anytime. But the best postpartum outcomes comes from plaNning support before you are postpartum.

Who is support for?

All postpartum moms. It doesn't matter what you birth experience was there is support for you.

Are you able to support me with my labor and postpartum?

Absolutely. You can view my Labor Support Services here.

Do you offer night support?

At this time I do not offer night time support, but my backup doula does or I can refer you to one of my amazing colleagues.

Where are you based? How far can you travel?

I support laboring moms in Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, Fishers and the surrounding areas. If you're a little further out, get in touch - and I'll see if I can help you.

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